Open House


From rehearsal space to exhibition space, from reading room to quiet writing spot … At Gallait 80, Tristero offers space and time for artists of all kinds to develop their work. Encounters and synergies are central.


13 March – 31 August – Musician, theatre maker & performer Wouter Deltour ( is preparing his next projects : ‘De Stomme van Portici’ and ‘Winterreise’ in the coming months.

27 February – 3 March – Agathe Meziani writes on her show ‘Kabylifornia’ and muses on the fact that we all, everyone and everywhere, walk on the same ground. She writes : “Cette résidence d’une semaine m’a donc permis d’élaborer autour de ce concept du même sol. Ce que cela veut dire pour moi, pour les autres, symboliquement, politiquement, sensoriellement. Cela m’a donné une belle amorce pour la suite.”

10 February – 31 March – Japanese sound & performance artist Tomoko Hojo will stay in our studio in the attic to meet various artists and organisations in Brussels. Among other things, she will collaborate on NEWPOLYPHONIES, a creation of Myriam Van Imschoot & HYOID. And she is also one of the youngest re-enactors of Yoko Ono!

2-9 February – Serbian artist Bojan Dordev is staying in our studio in the attic. He is a guest in the project ART BUURT by Sara Oklobdzija around the question “And what with the outsiders-art?”. Sara explores this theme through a dialogue with the neighbourhood and with various art institutions. They will hold a Q&A / open talk at Gallait 80 on Wednesday 8 February (13:00-14:30).

5 February – Video capture of LE ROI SE MARRE, a ‘spectacle de théâtre à table avec des objets’. For this, actress and theatre-maker Andrea Bardos based herself on Victor Hugo’s theatre text ‘Le Roi s’amuse’.


November – Annelies Keyers and Mies Cosemans work on a performance and a photo series about happiness, about turning forty, about taking matters into their own hands, about crossroads, about searching and longing but never finding, about the question of when we actually stopped dreaming.

May – Guus Diepenmaat and Anouk Friedli of FOR REAL start the first phase of their research project entitled DE WOEDE

May – Karlien Torfs spent 2 weeks working on “something I think will be a dance solo.”

April – Actress Adele Raes did preliminary research for a performance in which she asks herself some existential questions: How many people do I reach with my work, with my own story? What am I leaving behind? What do I change?

April – Sigrid Keunen and Sam Vanoverschelde together form SS DayDream. They experiment and test out options for THERE HERE NOW, their new installation performance for violin, masks and moving image.

February – Tom Hofland and Pascal van Hulst gave an audio fiction workshop. Participants were given an insight into the writing process and working method Tom and Pascal used for their successful podcast De Blankenberge Tapes, and made their own short audio story. In doing so, they started from improvisation and location work. Organised by Het Klankverbond.

February – Yuni Mahieu wrote the screenplay for ‘The greatest hits from 2007’, a short film about a chance encounter between two ex-lovers, who love each other but cannot possibly be together.

January – Ina Geerts, Andrea Bardos (of the bilingual Brussels theatre collective BXL WILD) & Aylin Yay read plays by contemporary Norwegian author Frederic Brattberg and brainstormed on their new creation.

January – Dries Gijsels spent two weeks in writing residency for his new creation ‘No Place To Fall’. A show about a team of astronauts leaving on a mission. They are determined to add a new and grand chapter to the story of humanity. But then their own story begins to show more and more cracks … ‘No Place To Fall’ will premiere in 2023 at Monty in Antwerp.


Autumn – After several co-creations within the collectives La Station and Une tribu, Brussels-based Sarah Hebborn wrote her first play of her own at Gallait 80. ‘Croisière’ (working title) will be a fictional story set on a cruise in 1920 and on a university campus a century later.

October – A group of young Dutch-speaking and French-speaking audio makers took a master class under the guidance of sound artist Felix Blume, learning how to capture a location (specifically the neighbourhood around Gallait 80) in sound. At the end, all participants presented a short audio piece recorded near the North Station in Brussels. Organised by Het Klankverbond