Kale bomen ne bruissent pas


French and Dutch spoken performance with subtitling in French and Dutch.

Two women are sitting in front of a caravan. One was already awake, the other has just got up. A cup of tea? A coffee? A conversation begins, as the day slowly unfolds, in a slightly feverish atmosphere. Nancy and Gaby will be visited today somewhere between 10am and 5pm. What should they wear to make a good impression?

In short, spirited dialogues, the women repeat themselves constantly and stir the pot with great verve. How long can they keep this up? Little by little we find out what happened in the past and it is not pretty.

Kale Bomen Ruisen Niet (2006) was written by the Dutch actress and playwright Magne van den Berg.

Kale Bomen Ruisen Niet is a performance by Ina Geerts and Andréa Bardos of the Brussels collective BXL WILD. Peter Vandenbempt (Tristero) is coaching the project.

BXL WILD is an acting collective founded in 2017 on the initiative of Ina Geerts and Circé Lethem. Their first production Backstage (Oscar van Woensel) premiered in February 2020 at the Balsamine (Brussels).
BXL WILD creates performances in which Dutch- and French-speaking actors from Brussels work together. Brussels is their common denominator, Belgium their Kafkaesque context.